If you want answers, you must get still.

The first pillar of our organization's name, S.A.G.E., stands for Stillness. We are so accustomed to moving in each and every direction each day, it can be hard to know when to stop and be still. Trying to be still for even five minutes can seem impossible but it is important to seek for 

stillness every day.

Being still will help you be receptive to your body's needs, whether they are physical, mental, or spiritual. 

We offer a variety of services to help you in the path to stillness, from Yoga to Reiki sessions and certifications to meditation class, we have something for everyone. 

We will get still with you...and even create some of that stillness if you are willing to show up with us.  



Sometimes that compass will circle round and round and feel like it's never going to stop.  Here, at S.A.G.E., we are an anchor point for your exploring thoughts and mind.  We create a non-judgmental environment where any and all religious and/or spiritual thought and ideas are welcome.  All we ask is that you will, in turn, join us in respecting the diversity of all as we create sacred space for this part of individual and community growth.  


{Inner Calm}

 We know what we seek...but do we know how to get there...or what it will look like once we have arrived? 

Let us help you learn about yourself as you embark on this spiritually inward turning process of finding your inner calm.  You'll know when you have arrived, and believe's possible!


{Spiritual Growth & Development}

Seeking for your inner truth and knowing how to develop this newfound place within often works best with guidance.  At our organization, we are committed to guiding you along your path, and walking with you in co-creation.  We want you to feel accepted and safe to explore in places and ways that feel comforting to you.

Take a look at our upcoming classes + workshops! See you soon - IRL :)