spiritual direction

It starts and ends with you...

Do you find yourself asking questions about your existence and purpose on Earth? Do you feel that you long to have a deeper connection to yourself and want to learn more about your specific reasons for living? 

Connecting to Spirit and your internal guidance can be life changing.  Having guidance on this part of the journey can be crucial and sustaining as you learn to lean into your own connection to Spirit that will be able to guide you throughout all of your life.

Our Spiritual Direction coach has extensive experience in spiritual keys to personal awakening and utilizes his 20+ years of teaching to guide you to your inner self so that you can  become one with the life force that guides you.  

Begin your journey...

Our Co-Founder, Joseph Celis, MS, CSCS, is a lifelong learner of spiritual traditions and ways of living.  He is trained in spiritual readiness and development and is ready to walk with you on your journey of self-discovery into a place that is free of ego to help open you up to your spiritual gifts so you may be more awakened to your life's purpose and mission.