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Empower Yourself...

There is no “12 Step Program” to guarantee that you will never be physically assaulted or be forced into a situation where you have to defend your life or the life of another. These things just happen. 

With that said, how does decreasing your chances of being assaulted by 90% sound?  You can achieve this by modifying your mindset, sharpening your awareness and empowering yourself with the knowledge it takes to not be a victim.

Classes Offered

Our Director & Co-Founder Joseph Celis has been teaching Self Defense classes to a variety of populations for over 25 years (read more about Joseph Celis by clicking into his bio).  He brings a wealth of knowledge, practical training and previous law enforcement experience to his classes that leaves every participant feeling empowered with a dramatic increase of Awareness, one of S.A.G.E. Holistic Health & Wellness Center's mission goals.  

We offer a variety of Self Defense classes including customized courses for specific populations such as College Age Women, Clinical Therapists, Teenagers, and Older Adults.  

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"Great class!  I learned so many useful techniques and tools I can use anywhere!  Thank you!!"

"I would absolutely recommend this class to all therapists.  It's important to know about safety...Thank you!"

"This class will teach you valuable skills that you can't put a price on.  The staff is amazing, knowledgeable, and experienced, and I would definitely recommend this experience!"  -M. Cutler

"I believe having this awareness and experience would have me feel more prepared and less panicked if I was put in a situation where self defense is necessary." -A. Leach

"This class made me feel confident about going to college and facing possible dangerous situations.  The instructor was very easy to work with and made it fun." -A. Bunker

"This class brought awareness to easy shifts I can make in my daily life to be safer." -M. Jansen

"Wonderful seminar.  I am taking many tools to use with me today.  Thank you!" -G. Mar

"My favorite part was by far the hands on training and being taught how to be in control even when I am such a small person.  Thank you so much!" -L. Elisha

"I'm glad I took the class.  It was informational and provided good tips and skills." -N. Hansen

"I highly recommend this course for all therapists.  You will learn practical things you can do to protect yourself and get practice using them in role plays."

"This class helped me practice important tools for protecting myself.  The role-play scenario helped me understand how I would actually respond in an unsafe situation."

"I highly recommend this training and am looking forward to taking Level 2." -J. Benvenuto

"I thought this [class] was very helpful, especially teaching different methods of using tools and the pros/cons of them."

"Very informative!  Love the simple effective skills."