Regan Hovey, MS, AMFT, APCC


Meet Regan...

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life, and you will call it fate.” 

-Carl Jung 


Regan utilizes a holistic approach born from her understanding of the inherent difficulty of discussing and processing difficult experiences.  Her approach to therapy is grounded by research and lived experience that points to the importance of establishing safety and focusing on the whole person rather than symptoms alone.

In her work with clients, she focuses on working with people who feel that they are "highly sensitive" or HSP's (Highly Sensitive Person), individuals who have experienced trauma throughout their lives and are ready to repair and move on, and also the person who has felt that they are "too much" for others or who have difficulty managing their emotional world.   

HSP //Making sense of what you sense. The world we live in asks us to be sensitive, but not too sensitive. We are socialized to be considerate of feelings, only to turn around and be told to toughen up or stop taking things so personally. It’s a contradiction, and you’ve internalized it. The ability to feel things so deeply can be both overwhelming and isolating. This combination of stress may be hijacking your ability to accurately sense the presence of both safety and danger; effectively making threats and safety indistinguishable. Consequently, you may start to see your sensitivity as a burden or obstacle to feeling connected to others. When you feel different than everyone, you are more likely to experience loneliness, anxiety, depression, self-doubt, addiction, or low self-esteem. In reality you possess an exceptional capacity for empathy and deep connection. Therapy provides the opportunity and tools to make sense of what you sense; to foster the strengths you already possess and develop the skills you want to work on as well. 

What you don't repair, you repeat.  Without conscious awareness, you may be responding to present stressors based on past injuries, experiencing symptoms of trauma. Exposure to trauma is common, but not always straightforward to understand. This can lead to a buildup of unresolved issues in the mind and the body. Research findings suggest leaving this buildup of trauma and conflict unaddressed is more likely to impact future relationships—meaning WHAT YOU DON’T REPAIR, YOU REPEAT. The motivation within therapy is less about determining if you were traumatized and more focused on if you have resolved your past or not. You cannot be moved by your pain, if you do not first acknowledge that it exists. My role as your therapist is to help you repair, rather than repeat these difficult experiences and help you to find a felt sense of freedom from your past. It is possible to respond to old problems in new ways

"I have been told, or I fear that I am too much".  Emotions are important. They affect your mood, which impacts how you feel, how you interact with people, how you spend your time, how you navigate stress, how much you drink, what you eat, and even how much money you spend. For many, the inability to cope with difficult emotions in healthy ways contributes to maladaptive coping, substance use, self-harm, procrastination, and tense relationships. When you are a child it’s called a tantrum and when you’re an adult it’s called unacceptable. Learning to regulate your emotions can help you improve across all areas of functioning, and fortunately, like most skills, can be taught and practiced. It is my hope to empower you to connect with your feelings, especially those deemed as too much to handle. To become more keenly aware of who you are in and out of relation to those feelings while increasing understanding and self-compassion. 

Session Fees

$100 for 45 min |$125 for 60 min*

*Regan offers fees based on a sliding scale, which is determined based upon your financial need. Please contact Regan to discuss your particular financial situation to determine the session fee. 

Populations Served, Specialties & Certifications:

  · Anxiety 

· Child or Adolescent 

· Codependency 

· Depression 

· Emotional Disturbance 

· Family Conflict 

· Grief 

· Self Esteem 

· Sexual Abuse 

· Spirituality 

· Stress 

Treatment Approaches:

· Embodied/Somatic 

· Humanistic 

· Attachment based 

· Depth 

· Culturally Sensitive 

· EFT for Couples, Individuals & Family 

· Eclectic 

· Emotionally Focused 

· Existential / Depth 

· Family Systems 

· Gestalt 

· Integrative 

· Multicultural 

· Person-Centered 

· Psychodynamic 

Specialties & Certifications: 

  • Interpersonal Trauma
  • Registered Yoga Teacher-200 Hour (RYT-200) 

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Regan Hovey is a Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist who is employed by and under clinical supervision with S.A.G.E. Holistic Health & Wellness Center. 


“Trauma creates change you don’t choose. 

Healing is about creating change you do choose.” 

-Michele Rosenthal