Episode 018 – {The Caregiver’s Grief}

Renee Lorch and Andrea Lindquist, specialists in working with individuals diagnosed with Mild Cognitive Impairment, discuss how caring for loved ones calls for a tall order of self-care. Learn some tips on how to get through this challenging time of your life.

Episode 017 - {Chakras for Daily Living}

Are you familiar with chakras? Have you ever wondered about the difference between men’s and women’s energy? What if you identify as non-binary?

Lisa shares incredible wisdom on why it is important to get closely acquainted with and anchored in your own energy body so you can start living more fully!

Episode 016 - {If You Say ONE Word}

***Trigger Warning*** childhood abuse

April is National Sexual Assault Awareness Month and Child Abuse Prevention Month. In today’s episode, Emily interviewed Claire Turner, child abuse survivor and author of her recently released book, ONE.

Please listen and share this important message!

episode 015 - {Creating Strong Foundations}

What is Nutritional Therapy? How are your stress levels effected by the food you eat? How can you improve your stress response? In this episode by S.A.G.E.’s very own Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, you’ll learn about the four foundational pillars of holistic health and how you can be more balance