Why do we talk about   food so much?

Why is eating the right foods so difficult?

Why do people constantly engage in fad diets?

Why can’t people maintain their healthy weight?

They reason we have such a challenge with food in the United States is not because we are lazy, uneducated, or even unmotivated. 

The simple truth is: 

We are unbalanced in our lives and 

we turn to unhealthy eating regimes to make ourselves feel good. 

Nutrition is one of the most important pillars to good health...

so cheers to getting balanced!  Stick with us and stay tuned on more educational opportunities to learn about and experience nutrition.



We've gotta get our bodies moving if we want to keep them healthy.  As science and research progresses over time, some of the information will shift.  But what remains is that in order for us to maintain our body's strength and stamina, we've gotta keep moving.

Exercise also gives us mental fortitude that can make each day just THAT much better!



Moving those muscles and joints is a cornerstone for healthy bodies.  Yoga is a great way to keep our joints flexible and healthy.  Even just stretching for a few moments each day can help as well.  Keep that blood flowing and move around whenever you get the chance.


{Strength & Power}

Cardio alone is not enough to counteract the effects of weight issues and aging on our bodies.  Strength training ensures your musculature will stay in tact and the lean muscle mass will give your body the proper energy it needs to carry on.


{Increased ADL's -- Activities of Daily Living}

We all need to be able to keep up with our daily tasks, and physical health limitations can be frustrating to deal with.  Making sure that you have functional movements and that you are able to carry on with those activities that bring value to your life is important.  

Reach out to us if you are needing any help in this area.