Stressors such as lack of sleep, under or over exercising, poor nutritional habits or emotions such as anxiety, worry, fear, anger can all bring your body out of homeostasis. 

Diseases and symptoms such as chronic fatigue, irregular periods, joint pain, and digestive issues are our body’s way of saying, “Pay attention! I’m out of balance!” It’s imperative to reconnect with your body to begin to understand the messages your body is giving you and learn how to respond to these direct messages in order to meet your physical and psychological needs. When you tailor your diet and lifestyle to meet these needs, it can change your life in unexpected ways. 

In order to maintain balance in the body you must strengthen your health foundations (read more by clicking here).


Stress response management



Nutrition is one of the most important pillars to good health...

so cheers to getting balanced! Stick with us and stay tuned on more educational opportunities to learn about and experience nutrition.

Our Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Crystal Springe, is ready to support you on your journey, please reach out today for your 30 minute complimentary consultation.



We've gotta get our bodies moving if we want to keep them healthy.  As science and research progresses over time, some of the information will shift.  But what remains is that in order for us to maintain our body's strength and stamina, we've gotta keep moving.

Exercise also gives us mental fortitude that can make each day just THAT much better!



Moving those muscles and joints is a cornerstone for healthy bodies.  

We currently offer free yoga classes to the community. Yoga is a great way to keep our joints flexible and healthy.  Even just stretching for a few moments each day can help as well. 

 There are many physical health benefits of yoga including but not limited to): increased flexibility, increased strength and muscle tone, better posture, improved balance and agility, increased stamina and endurance, increased pain tolerance, and improved body alignment, reduction in back and joint pain, etc.  Yoga also does wonders for anxiety and our blog post to learn more.

Keep that blood flowing and move around whenever you get the chance. 

Our Yoga classes are led by Joseph Celis, MS, CSCS, and Regan Hovey and we offer a range of yoga classes including Flow, Hatha, Yin and more.  Yoga is a great way to get your days started right. Make sure you subscribe to our email newsletter to be one of the first to hear about our upcoming class schedule!


{Physical Awareness}

Physical wellness STARTS with feeling physically safe in our bodies ansd in our environments.  Our Physical Awareness Program of Confidence + Awareness Training, or Self Defense for various populations, teaches you how to sharpen your situational awareness skills, recognize possible threats in and around your environment, identify criminal mindset and behavioral characteristics, use Self Defense tools effectively and with confidence, and how to articulate your Self Defense if necessary.

The main objective of our class, taught by Joseph Celis, MS, CSCS,  is to sharpen your awareness enough to significantly reduce your chances of being in a Self Defense situation. However, if you are involved in a Self Defense situation, you will know exactly what to do.

For whatever reason you are looking into taking our Physical Awareness // Self Defense course, it will positively impact your life, and we look forward to working with you to that end.  Take a look at our calendar to see when our next Self Defense class is or contact us at 714.391.3853 x 0 or by email at to schedule your personal and customized group or individualized training.