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We look forward to expanding our Holistic Community to include others who share the same mission and vision of helping guide people to their best whole selves.


Emily Celis, M.S., LMFT, Director & Co-Founder

About Emily...

Emily Celis, M.S., LMFT is the Executive Director & Co-Founder of S.A.G.E. Holistic Health & Wellness Center.  Inspired by the understanding that there are many parts of ourselves that create the whole, as well as the belief that there is no "one right way" to do things, Emily was driven to create this nonprofit organization to be a guiding source to those wanting holistic integration in their life.

As a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Emily believes that working from a holistic approach, [in this case meaning taking a look at physical health, mental health, spiritual health, and social health] creates more room for the individual to resonate with their own sense of self or what they hope to become.  In a person-centered approach, Emily creates this space for individuals, couples or families to work together with them on their journey to wholeness.  When other complementary methods to wellness are integrated, Emily is there to  work with other professionals (if desired) to create continuity and overall wellbeing.  Emily believes in collaborating with her clients to work toward creating the vision in their life as they have always imagined it...bringing greater joy. 

Areas of focus include work with individuals, couples or families who are going through a faith crisis or religious transition, LGBTQIA+ population, trauma / abuse, substance abuse, anxiety, depression, other mood disorders, and other life transitions. Emily's goal is to create an open and trusting relationship to explore identified issues.  She believes that her work with clients through their journey is her honor and privilege.  Email Emily at emilycelis@sagewellnessctr.org or call (714) 391.3853 to discuss your particular needs or schedule an appointment.  Emily offers a 15 minute phone consultation at no charge.   

Joseph Celis, M.S., CSCS, Director & Co-Founder

About Joseph...

Joseph Celis, M.S., CSCS is a member of the Board of Director's and also the Co-Founder of S.A.G.E. Holistic Health & Wellness Center.  Joseph is an accomplished lecturer and educator in a variety of subjects with his fortes in Kinesiology (body movement, exercise science, nutrition, physical wellness) and spirituality. His practical knowledge and down-to-earth energy is magnetic as he reaches the innermost makings of the heart while teaching valuable concepts.  

Joseph has had the opportunity to study and learn in various fields which balances the relationship he has with physical, mental and spiritual health and allows him to reach and positively influence the lives of more people in his local and surrounding community, which is his goal and purpose.

Joseph holds a Master's degree in Kinesiology which provides a solid scientific foundation and understanding of physiology.  He has also been fortunate to further his spiritual studies in various traditions which he feels brings balance to his life.

Email Joseph at josephcelis@sagewellnessctr.org or call (714) 391.3853 for more information.  Joseph is always eager and happy to help assist anyone with questions or direction.

Heidi C. Wagner Maggitti, M.A.

About Heidi...

Heidi Maggitti, MA, RAPCC (#3568) is a Registered Associate Professional Clinical Counselor at S.A.G.E. Holistic Health & Wellness Center, in conjunction with Open Door Center for Integrative Healing. Heidi perceives the human psyche as a collection of unique experiences; in order to achieve our full potential, we must examine and nurture all aspects of life and health. With a goal of providing genuine healing and wholeness, Heidi practices an integrated and eclectic style, tailored to the unique, holistic needs of each individual. 

Heidi believes that every person is full of resilience and innate potential. Each and every one of us is capable of overcoming life’s many obstacles, and building a life in which we don’t simply survive, we blossom and thrive. Heidi uses a person-centered approach to empower her clients to take control of their lives, help effectively navigate difficult life issues, facilitate the development of strengths, and assist clients in working towards living their most fulfilled existence. Heidi provides her clients with a non-judgmental, compassionate atmosphere to safely explore, process, and work through feelings, thoughts, and experiences that may be impacting their well-being, as well support them in their efforts to change and grow. 

Heidi is passionate about issues of social justice/systemic inequality, and has worked with a variety of clients with diverse backgrounds and ranges of concerns. Heidi believes that therapy is a powerful alliance - it is both an honor and a privilege to be able to assist others on the shared therapeutic journey. She invites you to join her in this partnership on the path to finding health, happiness, and peace.

Email Heidi at heidimaggitti@sagewellnessctr.org or call her at (714) 487.7183 to discuss your particular needs or to schedule an appointment.  

Hanna Stensby, M.A.

About Hanna...

Hanna Stensby, MA, RAMFT (IMF#100455) received her Master's degree from Chapman University in Marriage and Family Therapy.  Hanna is a Registered Associate Marriage & Family Therapist at S.A.G.E. Holistic Health & Wellness Center in conjunction with Open Door Center for Integrative Healing.  Hanna brings with her a wealth of experience  working with various populations. She seeks to help you uncover your unique path to healing. 

Hanna's passion lies in helping parents navigate the ever-changing chapters of parenthood and walking alongside couples in their journey to overcome challenges. Hanna uses an experiential style to support children, adolescents, and their families to move past obstacles impeding their ability to connect and thrive. 

Hanna also works with individuals experiencing depression, self-harm, anxiety, and relationship issues. Her holistic approach acknowledges that all facets of life impact relationships and mental health. Hanna's goal is to create a sacred space where you feel welcome, at ease, and empowered as you embark on your personal healing path. 

 Email Hanna at hannastensby@sagewellnessctr.org  or call (714) 757.0789 to schedule an appointment.   


Our Community Connections...

We are actively building relationships with our surrounding community and are excited to share the expertise and passion of all holistic practitioners nearby through mutual referrals.