S.A.G.E. Co-Founders

About Joseph & Emily...

Joseph & Emily began the idea + discussion of S.A.G.E. Holistic Health & Wellness Center in 2007, when they first began their journey together.  Combining their individual passions of Physical Health & Wellness {Joseph's expertise} and Mental Health & Wellness {Emily's expertise} along with their affinity toward Spiritual Health & Wellness --- the idea came together quite naturally.  

Creating a community space where all are welcome and can find an accepting place to build relationships with others in an environment of progressive growth toward wholeness has been their hope in creating this nonprofit organization.

From the Ground Up...

Joseph & Emily enjoy offering educational opportunities and counseling services through the nonprofit organization around topics that promote holistic physical, mental and spiritual health & wellness.  

This is a community of like-minded individuals, couples and families of all walks of life and we would love to hear from you about what is working and what you would like to see offered in our Center.  Please drop us a line anytime...the door is open ;)