{Ability to Enjoy Life}

The ability to enjoy life is something that is difficult to be measured by anyone other than ourselves.  Sometimes, we can even trick ourselves into believing we are happier than we actually are by avoiding painful subjects or difficulties in an effort to stay in a positive place; conversely, we can trick ourselves into thinking we are worse off than we really are.  The mind is a powerful thing...

 While everyone wishes to be happy and positive, the reality of life is that we all experience challenging times...the key to mental health is to be able to face these challenges in a way that promotes your most authentic experience so you can get back to enjoying your life in a way that feels good, authentic and meaningful to you.



Balance can be tricky...with so many activities, to-do lists, relationships, etc, tugging at us constantly, we have to intentionally choose how to prioritize certain things to maintain our sense of balance.  This may mean really saying no to things that you want to do in order to save your future self from burn out.  Creating balance in your life is an ongoing process and one that also involves leaning on others when help is needed.


{Social Connectedness}

We are not meant to be alone.  Human beings survive by being supported and supporting one another.  Check in with yourself to take inventory of the depth of your relationships to others---maybe you have been in the same relationship for a long time and have gotten into the habit of not challenging each other to grow.  Maybe you are in a new relationship that needs some tending to.  Maybe you need to re-evaluate where your time is spent so you can free up more quality time with those who matter most.  Whatever the shift may be, look toward your social circles to see where you might plug in a bit more than before.


{Psychological Resilience}

Our ability to bounce back after difficult challenges is called our pyschological resilience.  This means calling on our coping skills to bring us back to pre-difficulty functioning and taking the challenge to learn new ways of dealing with life's rough edges when they happen.


{Truth Seeking}

When you aren't feeling at home in your own skin, maybe this is your life's way of telling you that a personal adventure is on the horizon.  Pull up those boot straps and let the truth seeking begin...and the good news is that this adventure is as simple as following your innate interests, for these can lead you to the unfolding of your true purpose.



The step of self-actualization comes after many other building blocks such as physiological needs, safety needs, love & belonging needs, and esteem needs, according to Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs.  Continuing on your path of personal growth and progress is a unique and deeply satisfying journey.