lianna huseman, MA, AMFT


Meet Lianna...

"When a person shows you their true colors don’t try to repaint them, 

instead listen to their voice and hear their truth.”


All people deserve a chance to experience their own unique, individual growth – allowing the mind, body and soul, to embark on an invaluable, authentic journey.

Anyone who is interested and or ready to explore, accept and connect to a healthier self is welcomed.


Lianna Huseman is a Registered Associate Marriage + Family Therapist {#90613}, under clinical supervision by Emily Celis, MS, LMFT {#101376} and employed by S.A.G.E. Holistic Health & Wellness Center.  

Lianna spent five years working closely with the LGBTQ population in both OC & LA county, and has appreciated her chance to dive deep and grow in diversity. The LGBTQ community taught Lianna so much and she feels proud of the work completed wither clients and the way it expanded her abilities as a therapist.  Lianna says, “I decided to work closely with a population I knew little about and placed me way outside my comfort zone. I not only want to be good at my job, I want to be exceptional and the only way to get there is to challenge myself everyday.”

Lianna is passionate about reducing stigma about what therapy is and what some people may believe it says about a person who attends therapy. She understands that therapy can mean so many different things for each individual and it is important to define it individually. Lianna, who participates in her own personal therapy, does not believe in asking her clients to engage in the healing process (in all that it encompasses) if she herself is not willing to do the work as well. She believes that it is important for her to experience as much life as possible, so she may be as diverse and relatable with her clients as possible.  Lianna's client's emotional and physical safety, vulnerability and trust is her #1 priority.

Session Fees

Highest: $125

$100 for 45 min |$125 for 60 min 

Lianna offers fees based on a sliding scale, which is determined based upon your financial need. Please contact Lianna to discuss your particular financial situation to determine the session fee. 

Populations Served, Specialties & Certifications:

Lianna recognizes that as individuals start to enter a more seasoned time in their lives, personal fulfillment tends to take a back seat in the daily life “to do” list/s. Subconsciously ignoring or denying one’s true path may promote a time of confusion 

– a time that may create silent and heavy feelings of being:






Lack of self trust


Feelings of being a failure

Yearning for more but not sure what that looks like

Not connected to own identity

YOU may be asking yourself, “What’s next? Where do I go from here? How do I obtain the life I truly desire and where would I start?” These questions may feel daunting and pointless to address; however, Lianna feels these are the most important questions to be asking one self and exploring too – she also recognizes there may be a multitude of variables denying or limiting a person to feel like they have the opportunity to do so. 

Lianna invites individuals who may be seeking:

Personal change and growth

Exploration of new goals and life pathways

Explore and create desired identity

Healthy blending of individualistic & collective lifestyle

Create healthy coping mechanisms/communication

… and to take a chance on owning the life you choose to obtain.

Treatment Approaches:

Lianna utilizes an eclectic approach to her therapeutic style, including: client-centered, solution focused, cognitive behavioral, existential and good old-fashion listening  - with respect. However, she strongly feels that "one size fits all" does not exist in the therapy room, each healing modality is dependent on what works for that specific client. 

Set up an appointment with Lianna today or schedule your complimentary 15 minute phone consult by calling 714.391.3853 ext 7 or emailing her at

Lianna is a Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist who is employed by and under clinical supervision with S.A.G.E. Holistic Health & Wellness Center. 

 “Growth. It keeps me grounded, humbled and thriving to be the best version I can be. 

Being able to touch the parts of your being, that terrify you, 

allows for the real holistic healing to begin. 

Making the decision to contact a therapist can be one of 

the most difficult tasks to complete, 

but once you do I’ll be there 

to  gently welcome and join you on your journey.”  

-Lianna Huseman, MA, AMFT