lianna huseman, MA, AMFT


Meet Lianna...

"When a person shows you their true colors don’t try to repaint them, 

instead listen to their voice... 

and hear their truth.”

-Lianna Huseman


The Transitional Being

Human connection ignites the soul and produces endless interactions of creativity, spontaneity and exploration. We yearn to find these relationships and to fully invest our time and energy into – it’s in our nature to do so. 

However, I find that looking for a relationship within ourselves is still a very foreign experience. 

Sometimes, we place high expectations on others to help us find who we are and what our purpose really is. Thing is, how could we ever be that for someone else if we are not able to provide those traits for ourselves? 

To truly connect to self is to transition into the authentic “me” and all that it entails – accepting the transition as a welcomed change. Three transitional areas I work closely with, are: Saturn’s Return, Postpartum & Associate Life (AMFT).

Saturn’s return suggests an important time in a person’s life (approx. age 27-29), to reflect, embrace the time for self-awareness, accept new change and make decisions to enhance the authentic self. I would like to help you find your way back into the driver’s seat, change paths if needed, create options, become your own authority, discover an unshakable core self within you, find balance & wholeness (mind, body, soul) and remind you that you are NOT starting over, but adding to your story – healing and accepting the path you were meant to be on.

Another transition I work closely with is that fourth trimester that comes right after the baby is born. Yep, that postpartum life is one difficult journey to embark on and so many women suffer in silence and feel the expectation to “bounce back” to the person they were, pre-pregnancy. Many women not only feel the pressure from others, but also place a significant amount of energy in believing they “should” be back to being “themselves” within 6-8 weeks postpartum. Though “the fourth” refers to the last trimester (approx.12 weeks postpartum) my fourth trimester seemed to last for approx. 12 months -sparking my passion in working with fellow mothers. Our sessions will become the space you need to excel through one of the toughest and unexpected life transitions to mommy hood.

And lastly, my respect for the academic road to success is undoubtedly present and my growth as a student flourished; however, I didn’t expect to feel so alone once I graduated with my masters. I missed the structure, timelines and weekly guidance – I was not prepared to embark on my Associates MFT journey. I’d like to help you, fellow AMFT colleagues, adopt new perspectives, become present in this process and discover the therapist you were meant to be – and most importantly, feel secure about it. I would like to assist you in exploring personal & professional aspirations, create a life where work & personal life is balanced, challenge self-doubt and allow for your authentic self to emerge and shine bright. 

“Let’s empower the silent giant, that awaits inside of you.” 

–Lianna Huseman

I’m here for you.

Session Fees

$100 for 45 min |$125 for 60 min*

Lianna offers fees based on a sliding scale, which is determined based upon your financial need. Please contact Lianna to discuss your particular financial situation to determine the session fee. 

Treatment Approaches:

Lianna utilizes an eclectic approach to her therapeutic style, including: client-centered, solution focused, cognitive behavioral, existential and good old-fashion listening  - with respect. However, she strongly feels that "one size fits all" does not exist in the therapy room, each healing modality is dependent on what works for that specific client. 

Set up an appointment with Lianna today or schedule your complimentary 15 minute phone consult by calling 714.391.3853 ext 7, emailing her at or by clicking below to schedule your phone consult through our online scheduler

Lianna is a Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist who is employed by and under clinical supervision with S.A.G.E. Holistic Health & Wellness Center. 

 “Growth. It keeps me grounded, humbled and thriving to be the best version I can be. 

Being able to touch the parts of your being, that terrify you, 

allows for the real holistic healing to begin. 

Making the decision to contact a therapist can be one of 

the most difficult tasks to complete, 

but once you do I’ll be there 

to  gently welcome and join you on your journey.”  

-Lianna Huseman, MA, AMFT